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Sassy Woof

Dog Leashes by Sassy Woof

Dog Leashes by Sassy Woof

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Sassy Woof Rope Leashes
  • Made with strong, 100% cotton rope and natural dye
  • Rope is hand-spliced and ends are whipped to add strength & durability
  • Beautiful luxe rose gold hardware with a matching rose gold dog charm and accessory ring
  • Rope is 3/5" Thick and 5 feet in length

Sassy Wood Regular Leashes

Walk in style with our beautifully crafted 'Baby got Black' Leash, featuring a Sassy Woof original design. This leash also features classy rose gold hardware. This leash is 60" in length and 0.8" in width. There is also a sturdy D-Ring at the base of the handle to hold waste bags, keys, etc.

• Dimensions: 60″ x 0.8″ (152.4 x 2 cm) • Weight: 3.8 oz (108.9 g)

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